Sunday, 22 January 2012


I haven't written anything in a bit, and for some reason I felt compelled to, I don't know why, I only have two followers on here (hi, thanks for jumpin on board), none the less, there was something inside me that made me log in and start typing in my dysfunctional 6 fingered way (fingered, ha ha). 

I haven't been able to do much today, completely my own fault, lets just say last night kinda got the better of me. When the Jager shots started, I knew what today was going to be like, a total write off. 
I did manage to drive to KFC for a greasy remedy, but that in itself was an horrific journey. Not due to anything untoward, like bad food, a car crash, or traffic, it's actually not that far away, maybe 7 kays round trip, but that 7kms felt like an eternity through the clouded piss holes that were my eyes. 

There's washing on the clothesline that's been there since Friday morning. That's how lazy I have been. 

Now, as we creep into the evening, with the fan on, I'm channel flicking, and curiosity kicks in. I have to know what the new Young Talent Time is like. How can I have an opinion on it if I don't watch it? That would be unfair me to just shit can something like that. 

I lasted approximately 9 seconds. 

Let's move on. 

I'm pretty sure old mate who's the main character in that Homeland series is Bruce Willis' love child. Honestly, like the spit out of his mouth, don'tchya think? 

The mum in Modern Family is hot. I know most people would be checking out the daughter (the older one of the two, who's now 21) but gimme the mum any day. What is her name? If I'm to be besotted by someone I should at least know their name. Meh, doesn't matter, I don't think I have a shot. 

Speaking of having a shot, did you read that Serena Williams was looking for a man? I've tweeted her twice and she hasn't replied. Pretty rude if you ask me. Why publicly announce that you're looking for a man from 18-80 and not return fire when someone shows interest? Even a 'get lost fatty' would mean something. I hate her now. 

Now a lite n easy ad has come on. I'm a fan of lite n easy, I think it's a great way for people to lose weight, but fuck me, that latest ad is a joke. Some sailing chick sprouting the benefits of this incredible program and how it helped her, then the sub text came up 'Lost 6 kilos in 3 months'. Are you kidding? 6 fuckin kilos in 8 weeks? 750 grams a week is hardly astonishing. A few good shits and I've lost that.
If it seems I'm being particularly negative, remember, hangover, everything is fucking annoying today, that's why I haven't socialised with anyone, except through here and social media and a couple of texts to those that were with me last night for sympathy. No one deserves to put up with my shitness today, maybe that's why I felt the need to write something down? All I know is, I want tomorrow to be Sunday. And hangover free. 


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