Thursday, 10 May 2012

That's so gay

I remember saying that when I was in primary school when I thought something was lame. "That's so gay". As kids, you never really thought much of it, in fact, you never thought about what 'gay' was. It was just a saying, as I guess it probably still is with kids and people who have a really limited vocabull.. err vobacul.. people who have limited words in their head.

Of course as young kids it was a great way to put down your best mates "GAYLORD" you'd yell if someone dropped an easy catch, but of course, it was just a ribbing and no harm intended. 

But what if one of the kids back then was actually gay? 

We'd never know. 

The reason bringing this up is because times change. I know now not to say that, as I know my friends know not to say it, it's common sense, it's not right, and it's damaging. 

Now before you say I've gone all politically correct, get fucked, I haven't. IN fact I think political correctness has gone WAY too far, but that's another story for another time. you probably skimmed over the most important thing I wrote "it's common sense".

It's this same common sense that has now lead the leader of the free world, Barack Obama-Rama, to declare that he supports gay marriage. 

Well it's about fucking time. 

Honestly, why is the world moving so slow on this? Why are we seeing endless polls like "Do you support gay marriage"? Who gives a fuck if YOU support it, GAY people support it and it's common sense. 

I don't know why it's even an issue, but unfortunately it's now a human rights issue. 

The people who are stopping gay marriage legal, here and elsewhere, are heterosexual. Doesn't that seem confusing? The people who are deciding what is legal for gay people, are straight people. It's fucking stupid. 

It's not like gay people want different laws for the road, taxes or a licence to kill. They just want to be happy. Like you. 

PLEASE religious freaks speak up now. PLEASE tell me it's forbidden in the bible. PLEASE preach to me about it, you fucking brainwashed morons. I would suggest you re read your holy bible and find out what is really in there. I can't respect an educated person who believes in living life by the 'good book', that fuckin thing starts wars, is full of contradictions, and was written fuck knows how many years ago, and you want to live by it in this day an age? You fuckwit.

But I digress. Religion is another story for another time. 

My point is, gay marriage doesn't affect anyone except gay people. And only in a positive way. (except if they get divorced, besides, who wouldn't wanna watch THAT bitch fight?)

If you are against gay marriage, you're basically saying that you deserve more happiness than a gay person. And if you truly believe that, then you are an oxygen thief with no common sense. 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


How often do you really feel confused by something?

We go through life with a fair comprehension of stuff around us on a daily basis.
We know when trains run, how to make coffee, we can add, subtract, multiply and divide.
Computers are confusing, but you can learn how to use them quickly, how about the iPhone? Remember when you first got one of them and it didn't come with instructions, you just worked with it till your figured it out.

Superficial and inanimate problems we can overcome. What confuses us, I think, are other people.

What makes perfect sense to one person, is completely foreign to another and that can really fuck with you.

As much as you try to open your mind and understand what someone is trying to say, what they feel you will never understand.

fuck it sucks.