Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Fuck me, I'm confused.

Not really an ordinary post from me, but I had to get it out.

It's amazing how one day you can be 'up' and the very next day, due to no real circumstance, you're down.
Today is one of those days, yesterday I was bouncing off the walls, today I'm flat as shit carters hat.
The only thing i can put it down to is the weird reams I had last night.
Why can't I shake it off?
No one died in my dreams, they were, as dreams are, just random events slammed together in a goop of vagueness.
Standard really, but something about them has bugged me. Maybe it's because they were vivid as fuck. I don't usually remember my dreams, but I can recall just about all of this one.

I was in Thailand, at a bar, with a mate, lets call him 'Merv', we were tying one on, huge night, next thing we realise, our other mate 'Biff' is gone, missing, can't find him. We panic a bit because he's never been to Thailand before and it can be the wrong place to go missing in.
I remember looking down, and seeing his camera, and his wallet and for some reason that made us feel better, as if, he's OK, even though he wasn't there.
Dream cuts to Merv and I standing at a window of a house, maybe mine, I'm not sure, it's dark outside, but we're peering in through a window and see our mate, Biff, asleep on a bed, we start belting on the window, but he doesn't wake up, probably too pissed, but we laugh and walk off.
Next we're in a small shopping centre, and out of no where, Mervs brother 'Jeff' is sweeping the floor of a shop and calls out to us. The shop is a hairdressing salon, this confuses me for two reasons, if there's anyone in the world who could be further from a hairdresser, it's Jeff, he sells cars.
We go into the shop and laughing about the night before when 'Biff' strolls in, we hand him his camera and wallet.
Then, it cuts to me being back in the Triple M studios, but not in the one I would normally use, the one opposite mine, but through the studio glass I can still see the guys at the hairdressing salon, so my studio is in Thailand.. what.. the.. fuck?
Next, I get a visitor in the studio, a friend who works here, not unusual, but her presentation was very different to how she normally looks.
We have a conversation (which i won't go into here) but really wasn't out of the ordinary, it addressed some issues, but as I mentioned earlier, no one died or got hurt, so as you can imagine, when i wake up, I'm completely baffled and have been a bit 'off all day.
As a consequence, I stayed in bed longer than normal, didn't do any exercise.

What the fuck is going on in my head?

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