Sunday, 1 January 2012 we go again

It's funny how New Years Eve affects people isn't it? We all get that feeling that everything will be alright on the other side. A new year, new beginnings, blah blah fuckin blah. Reality is, not much changes.
That is of course, unless YOU make it change.
See I bet you thought I was just being a miserable prick when you first started reading this, a real downer.. well fear not underpants, I'm just fascinated at the effect it has on people Let me take you back to last night, it was probably one of my quietest (NYE) in recent years, spent with a few close friends. When I say quiet, trust me, shit was happenin, drinks were being inhaled, I just mean it wasn't a massive party with shit loads of people, and I still I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
But as the clock approached midnight, I was overcome with this sense of calm, like I mentioned earlier, it was as though everything was going to be alright this year.
But why do we feel like that?
Go read your friends facebook status' and you'll see what I mean.
Lots of positive messages of hope, love, caring and other soppy shit, but mostly what I saw was 'thank fuck 2011 is over, bring on 2012' or words to that effect, which made me think, what was so wrong with 2011 for you? Didn't it go to plan? Why didn't it go to plan?
I understand there are a lot of things well beyond our control, like death, break ups (to an extent, I had one, it sucks) and the cost of fuel, but haven't we always been told that WE make our future, that WE are responsible for what happens in our lives?
Now don't get me wrong, (which is easy to do coz I don't make much sense sometimes) I love that sense of calm, the feeling of hope that a new year will bring something new and exciting to my life, the unknown can be one of the best dreams we can have.
But know this, shit just doesn't happen to you. You have to make it happen. Don't expect someone to do it for you that's all.
Lets talk about resolutions for a moment, quite frankly, they can get fucked.
Now, whilst I think it's great that someone wants to improve their life by making one, why wait till New Years Eve? I don't get it. The most popular one you hear about is 'I'm giving up smoking'. I've never been a smoker, I will never understand that addiction, but coming from a family of 6 where every other member is (or was), I have seen how hard it's been for them to stop. I think it's brilliant that you want to stop, and I wish you all the best, but why pick New Years Eve to stop? The night you're at your most vulnerable, you're drinking, having a great time, with mates who are smoking, you're setting yourself up to fail in my opinion. Then you make an excuse, 'oh I'll start tomorrow' and so on.
Don't worry, it's the same for me. Of course I wanna lose weight, I'm not different to anyone else, but there was no way I was gunna start some ridiculous diet at the stroke of midnight, that's fuckin lunacy. I'm just gunna keep doing what I'm doing, it's working (slowly).
This isn't a case of I'm right and you're wrong either, just some common sense.
So.. here we go again.. it's a new year, fuck knows what 2012 will be remembered for, but it's gunna be fun finding out innit?
Make shit happen for you, get involved, not happy with something in your life? Change it. I know I will.

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