Tuesday, 27 December 2011


SO this is a brand new world for me, and it's gunna take me some time to get used to everything and make it reflect who I am better, ya know, pictures, backgrounds and shit like that.
Then again maybe I'll just let the words do the reflection.
First things first, the name 'Like a 16 yr old'. It's not some pervy thing so get ya head out of the gutter.
It's merely a tip of the hat to when some of us believe that we have so much to say, we have to write it down in a journal or diary.
Have you ever read back over some of the shit you put to paper from back in the day? The stuff you thought was SO deep? It's fuckin rubbish innit? Maybe you even shared your HEAVY thoughts with a girl you might've been trying to impress? I know I did. Sometimes it worked too. Most of the time it didn't.
If you've read to here you're probably wondering 'what the fuck do you have to say that's so interesting anyway fat man?'
The answer is simple.. NFI.
Could be anything, CD reviews, gig reviews, band interviews, opinions that will mostly be unfavorable and most probably insight arguments, plus much much more.
Don't worry, I'll let you know when I've thought of something worth reading, which could be a while coz so far this has been utter dribble that, if it were printed on paper, environmentalists would be up in arms at my complete disrespect for trees. Fuckin hippies. Look, don't get me wrong, I care about shit, I just don't shove it in people faces.
Religion on the other hand can get fucked. All of it. I don't believe in god, lets get that out of the way.
I don't care if YOU believe in a god, good on you, do what you like, just don't tell me I should, and we'll get along just fine.
I do care about politics, but it's another conversation that is fraught with danger. People rarely agree on it, lets me just say that I'm not impressed with the federal government as it stands right now, they are far too soft and pander to minority groups in fear of offending ANYONE. Piss Weak. Make a stand fuck ya, just coz something is factually correct, doesn't make it racist. As my T Shirt says, I'm not racist, I hate everyone equally.
So you want to talk gay marriage huh? Simple. How the fuck is it legal for a man and woman to get married (which statistically more often ends in divorce) and it's not legal for a man and a man, or a woman and a woman? It's bloody crazy! Gay marriage is a non issue, common sense should take over and make it so. Just bloody do it.
I've rambled enough. more later.


  1. Great start Higgo.

    You've managed to conjure up a complete blog in this small time yet I've struggled to construct meaningful blogs in the past due to the fact I come up with nonsensical shit and the fact boredom regularly comes into play.

    From the outset I have an interesting blog all mapped out with what I perceive to be an interesting or thought provoking piece to share to the world yet my interest peters exceedingly fast which is a shame because I've got so much shit I wanna say but when I come onto Blogger all those thoughts are eradicated due to the cues I've allowed to enter my thought processes.*

    How does one manage to conjure up shit that's meaningful without the onset of boredom seeping in.

    I'd like to read your wise words Higgo.

    *The irony is evident from my end.

  2. Throw it down in bullet points first. Hit the stuff you remember straight off, then expand on each thought, weaving them together.
    Just an idea, it's not what I do, I just ramble, preview, edit so it actually makes sense, then publish.

  3. I agree about religion & gay marriage but if they're not willing to allow gay marriage to happen then divorce should be illegal cos of the whole "institution of marriage" argument that most against it use...